Digital Medical Office Online

In 2005, EIM began using an electronic medical record. This helps us better manage every aspect of patient care. It streamlines the creation of our chart notes, aids in more accurate prescription writing, and allows us to better manage every disease state we deal with on a daily basis.

After an exhaustive search of the available products and several site visits to view different systems, we contracted with AllScripts to purchase its Electronic Medical Record.

Since then, we also have begun using the AllScripts practice management system, which allows us to better access patient demographics, insurance information, and payment histories. This combination of systems has proven to be very valuable in our quest to provide better, more efficient care for our patients.

Below is how our EMR office works:

Check In

Medical assistant enters chief complaint and other information into The Degital Office sisten via computer kiosk outside office

Pre-Appointment Exam

The Degital Office send notification to providers that patient is ready for appointment

Physician Examination

Using a hand-held wireless device, physician reviews current labs, present condition and previous encouters. Physician generates orders

Encounter Result

Instantaneous management of examination results

The Digital Office sends all orders and billing information to front desk in time for patient check-out

Check Out

Patient is given all revelant information related to prescriptions, billing and next appointment. Claim is submitted electronically & billed per provider.